Saturday, April 19, 2008

AR Rahman Live at Sharjah - எனது அனுபவம்

AR Rahman Live in Concert, Sharjah Cricket Staduim - Apr'18,2008

Sharjah Concert was Fantabulous ! Amazing !! Unbelievable !!

ARR rocked Sharjah last night, He made everyone dance for this tunes!

Concert started on time as planned. Artists arived at 8:20pm and taken their positions, Sivamani came on stage with huge applaus at 8:25pm. At 8:30 no sign of our boss there... the Whole crowd had their eye on stage waiting for the Boss. A Funky looking guy on bright-Yellow-hooded-jersy and Long Shorts, appeared! That was Blazee, He gave a intro on the concert and asked the crowd "Are you ready...." and left the stage.

At 8:35 suddenly there was a lady-voice singing a Hindi melody (I dont know that song,Sorry) and we found Chitra standing up at one cornor of the stage and lending her ever-green voice. After a minute or two a male voice joined us from Top of the stage and you know who it is ! Yes thats our boss! He appeared neatly dressed, along with group dancers in all white even faces covered. That was Awesome !

After that song He spoke for a minute saying its good to be back in Dubai/Sharjah after 10 Years (First on 1998)... and ended with saying "Hope you like the concert".
Then he was on his job rightaway with "Kalbali from RDB". then it rained music till mid night.

Following are the songs I could remember. I will update the missed ones later.
1. Hindi song by Chitra/AR
2. Kalbali - ARR
3. Kadhal Rojave - Roja by Hariharan (Hindi & Tamil)
4. Jashn e Bahaara - Jodha Akbar by Javed Ali
4. Barso Re - from Guru
6. Kannalane - Chitra
9. Fusecontrol - Naresh Iyer
10. Jiyajale - Chitra
11. Dil Se Re - AR
12. In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein - Javed Ali
14. Chanda Re chanda Re - Hariharan / Sadhanan Sargam (Hindi & Tamil)
17. Chaiya Chariya
Sivamani took over for 15 minutes. Showing his skills on veriety of instruments from Drums to Spoons to suitcase to Water bottle. He was great!
18. Pray for me Brother - ARR
19. Vaaji Vaaji Sivaji
20. Kwaja mere Kawaja - ARR ( He wore a scarf on his head and sat infront of Harmonium, It was Top class ) 21.
22. Sanda Kozhi - Yuva (hindi/Tamil) by Madhushree
23. Maduraikku Pogathadi from ATM
24. Thottal Poo Malarum - Hariharan
25. Azeem Oh Shah - Chorus ( ARR ended the song with Veerapandi koottaiyiley line from Thiruda Thiruda(Chor Chor) )
26. Mayya Mayya from Guru
28. Tere Bina from Guru- ARR
29. Ik Onkar - Chitra
30. Rang de Basanti
31. Oru Koodai Sun Light - Blazee
32. Break the Rules from Boys
33. Hamma Hamma - ARR / Blazee (Blazee sung few english lines with Humma, not sure he wrote himself )
34. Maah Thuje Salam

On a whole it was a awesome and wonderful experience.
The stage and background screen setting were great. The backgroun screen was showing different clippings for each song( eg. Barso Re got Rain on the background & Dil Se re got whole stage on Fire ). For most of the songs the whole stadium was singing along and dancing.

Also the touching moment was for Pray for me brother. Before the song Blazee asked the crowed to show the Cell phone light. Ppl did so till the end of the song... It was like everyone lighting a candle. It was really touching.
The concert is still running in front of my eyes.. AR Rahman is really great !

Friday, April 18, 2008

My First Blog

அனைத்து கணினி தேசத்தார்களுக்கும் வணக்கம்.!இது எனது முதல் Blog Post.

I'm so excited to do this. I would like to use my blog as a window to share variety of information.I'm a beginner in Writing. Lets see how it goes....