Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Weekend for Chennai..Indeed!

IPL is so condensed that it provides all ingredients of Cricketing entertainment (so called "Cricketainment" ) within 3 hours. Its like watching a thriller-movie with 10 minutes intervel :-)
Like in movies, T20 matches too brings everyone to their edge-of-the-seat at the climax with Great suspense such that you simply cannot predict the result till the last bal is bowled.
Chennai SuperKings at last back to their winning ways. Last couple of matches of Chennai Super Kings went down to the wire that made me lose all my nails ! எத்தனை பேருக்கு Heart Attack வந்துச்சோ தெரியலை !!
In yesterday's match against Kings XI Punjab, when Pathan hit that Huge six on first ball of last over ....! Oh..My..God..! My heart started pounding twice faster!! Then it looked like 21 runs from 5 was gettable!
நம்ம பாலாஜி, சமயோசிதமான பந்து வீச்சுல Hat-Trick எடுத்து தூள் கிளப்பிட்டார் !! சும்மா அதிருதுல்ல...! I think that Hat-trick would have made the MAC to shake-up a bit with the Celebrations!!

Even though there were so many sixes in this match. I would keep Dhoni's Sixes at the Top! Know why? This is the first time in IPL Dhoni has shown his aggression with big-hits!! Hope to see many more of such performances....

Congrats Chennai! Keep up your good-work in Cricketainment!!

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